In 1881 Florence, Italy, the now world renowned man Guccio Gucci was born. Some 25 years later, in 1906, that same Mr Gucci founded his own saddlery shop in Florence and branded it ‘The House of Gucci’.

It began when he was just a teenager employed as a hotel worker in Paris and London. An immigrant worker at the time, Gucci was impressed by the hotel’s customer’s luxury luggage. After a spate working abroad in these positions, Gucci returned home and took advantage of the fine materials and talented craftsmen of his home country opening his own shop.

A proud maker of fine leather goods, Gucci began selling high quality leather bags to wanting horsemen in the 1920s. He then expanded his productions to the luxury luggage items that first inspired his vision, creating them when his original clients graduated from horses to cars and drawn carriages. It was then, in 1921, that the luxury brand the world now knows and loves came into being.

Of all the luxury fashion houses none can claim the eyewear provenance that Gucci can.  Gucci has been in the glasses game since the 1960’s and can call on this vast back catalogue of eyewear history as a foundation from which to innovate.

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