18 Nov EyeStyle launches AM EYEWEAR

Founded in 2003 out of a fanatical love of old school frames that were difficult to find in Australia at the time, AM Eyewear has grown rapidly from a cheeky young upstart into a cult brand respected around the globe. Their ethos is simple; to design beautiful, unique and exceptional eyewear that makes a difference. With so much effort going into the design and manufacture of every frame, they choose to dedicate every design to the person who has inspired it.

Priding themselves on quality and originality, they are dedicated to designing truly handcrafted eyewear, from start to finish. Their designs are born with a sketch pad and pencil where all the aspects are meticulously brought to life.

Each frame is then cut from a sheet of Italian Mazzucchelli acetate before being handcrafted and polished by a master artisan in a series of processes that take upwards of 14 hours to complete.


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Before their designs are ready to wear they check for quality through three separate inspection processes to guarantee they meet their stringent standards. They are then packed and shipped by hand, but only ever truly complete once they are worn.


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Be Kind to Others – AM Eyewear

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