18 Oct Tom Ford Eyewear

We would be the first to callout the luxury fashion industry for the shoddy way that it treats eyewear.  Over the years we have seen more than our fair share of glasses with a luxury brand on the side that have seen little to no thought put into their design.  They do little to elevate the wearer’s appearance and often serve as little more than over priced status symbols.

This is where Tom Ford eyewear is different.  Since it’s very first collection in 2005 Tom Ford has had a very clear vision for what his eyewear collection should be.  Classic colours with a heavy emphasis on black and tortoiseshell dominate the range.  The shapes are simple, tailored and elegant.  They make a clean statement without the need to shout.  There is a refreshing lack of gaudy branding save for the understated “T” feature on the temple and frame front.  Finally here is a fashion designer that translates the craft used in creating the perfectly cut suit and applies it to eyewear.

Here is the man himself rocking both:

Now THAT is more like it!

Having professed our undying love for all things Tom Ford.  Here are a few of our favourites from his latest collection (All of which have now landed in store) .

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