18 Oct Varilux XR Pro

Progressive lenses have come a long way over the 23 years that we have been in practice.  Modern progressive utilize sophisticated computer guided lathes to precisely cut exact curves on to thousands of individuals points on a lens.  They are truly marvels of optical engineering.

With the release of Varilux XR Pro comes the dawn of a new generation of technologies powered by a new type of artificial intelligence “Behavioural AI.”

This lens has been designed using insights gained from the highly successful Varilux X series lens which used a simulated reading task to measure wearers behavior when reading.  In performing this task large amounts of data was gathered from the millions of people worldwide that were fitted with this lens.  An AI model was designed to trawl through this data looking for patterns and trends in wearers behaviour.

The result is a lens which is far more natural to wear as it is customized to take your visual behaviour in to account.  The most innovative aspect (in our opinion) is that it measures how much a wearer drops their eyes in the frame when reading and adjusts the rate at which the lens power changes in lens to mimic that.

In addition to the above the Varilux XR Pro also utilizes the precision measurements captured by the Visioffice 3 dispensing system to create the ultimate bespoke progressive lens.

We have been using the Varilux XR Pro for the last 3 months (both wearing it personally) and fitting patients with it and the results have been tremendously impressive.  It has fast become our go to lens for most situations.

So if you find progressives hard to manage or have tried and failed with other lens designs come and chat to us above Varilux XR Pro.

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